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Got A Pest Problem In Your Fields?

Agricultural Pest Control In Nottingham

Are pests eating more of your crops than your livestock? Here at Wildlife Solutions Pest Control we won't stand for that! Our highly skilled and experienced technicians work extremely fast to get rid of freeloaders eating your crops. They will ensure you get the best quality service available at a very affordable price.


Don't wait, contact the experts, Wildlife Solutions Pest Control, today.

Our Commercial And Agricultural Pest Control Services Include:

Our Other Pest Control Services

  • Vermin Control

  • Moles & rabbits

  • Wasp nests

  • Rat control

  • Ants & cockroaches

  • Feral pigeons & other birds

  • Pest proofing

  • Basic training on signs of pest activity

  • Pest monitoring service

We not only specialise in agricultural pest control, we also specialise in domestic pest control and vermin control. We have over 40 years' experience in the pest control business, so you can imagine we have seen everything and dealt with everything. From small bed bugs and flea infestations in the home to moles and rabbits running havoc in farmer's fields. We can handle anything you need us to deal with.

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